2020 Tenant Garden Competition

In recognition of the fact that we are not able to travel to come and judge your gardens in person this year, we thought we would do things differently. 

So, you do not need to let us know in advance that you are entering, but if you decide you will then just take a photo of your garden on 20 August 2020 and email it to  It is important that it is taken on this date, so that all will be judge equally, for example if there has been a storm the night before, then all our gardens will be showing signs of it, and if we have had a very hot summer then all our gardens will be looking less than usually lush and green.

When you send us these pictures of your amazing gardens, please let us know whether you are happy for them to be put on our social media sites, as we would love to be able to share them with others, without releasing your identity or address of course.

The photos we receive on Thursday 20 August will be passed to Kieron Bewes to judge from a distance and we will have a prize for first, second and overall winners to celebrate.

Last year's results can be found in Housing Matters Winter 2019 edition