Our review groups look at different parts of the Housing service and are made up of both tenants and staff and chaired by one of our tenants. We also have a Housing Complaints Support Panel. To register your interest in joining one of our groups follow this link.

Resident Involvement Monitoring Group

We have drawn up an agreement and strategy with our residents setting out our commitment to resident involvement with the Housing Service. This group will be constituted and will meet quarterly to monitor the strategy.

Focus Groups

Why not volunteer a little of your time for one off focus groups. We would call on you from time to time to help us improve and refine aspects of our services

Repairs and Maintenance Group

Reviews the work of the Property & Assets team including programmed work and the performance of the contractors.

Be involved in the decision making process at the earliest opportunity, in the setting of the annual budgets to maintain value for money and identify areas for improvement. To be actively involved in the obtaining of goods (doors, kitchens, bathrooms etc.) and services and the choices available for all residents. This review group is made up of both residents and staff.

Editorial Group

The Housing Matters magazine is produced three times a year, three meetings for each edition, which is sent out to residents and leaseholders. Residents, staff and councillors are asked to submit articles of interest to be included in the magazine. The magazines are put together and edited by an editorial panel made up of both residents and staff.

For more information about the ways you can get involved with the housing service call 01395 517 453 or e-mail