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2. Tenancy Rescue Scheme

What is the Tenancy Rescue Scheme?

East Devon District Council’s housing options team would like to support our local letting agents and landlords by offering a service dedicated to you and your tenants.

In order to encourage long lasting successful tenancies we are here to help with all tenancy related issues.  We’re here to support you and your tenants.

How the Scheme works

We encourage landlords and letting agents to contact us as soon as they feel there may be potential for a tenancy to deteriorate.  Late payment of rent?  We will help. Noise complaint? We will help!  Your tenant does not need to be in receipt of benefits, or to have had any previous involvement with the council.  Our priority is to prevent homelessness for everyone.

Who can utilise the Scheme

Every letting agent and landlord in East Devon can contact us for assistance. There are no fees or commission for using our services.  Contact us before your tenancy issues get out of hand and you are thinking about taking further legal action.

What can we help with?

We can help with ANY issue which may result in a tenant potentially being served with notice.

Rent arrears

One of the most common issues during a tenancy is rent arrears.  We have a number of options available to help with arrears issues.  Some of these include arranging for tenants to attend a Homemaker financial assessment; Homemaker will assess your tenants income and expenditure and advise on how and where they can save money and what payments they should be prioritising.

We can look for debt relief solutions and seek out any grants and financial assistance your tenants may be eligible for.  If your tenants rent is still unaffordable we can work with you to move your tenant onto more affordable accommodation as soon as possible.  If your tenant is in receipt of housing benefit we can assist in applying for discretionary housing payments to make up the shortfall in rent.

Tenancy support

We can provide advice and assistance to your tenants to support them in sustaining their tenancy.

We can make signpost tenants to support agencies for help with issues including drugs, alcohol, financial and family breakdown.

Where a notice has been issued we will develop a Personalised Housing Plan with your tenant detailing actions they must take to prevent their homelessness.

We can help with the transition from legacy benefits to Universal Credit.

Landlord support

We want to ensure that that our Landlords are helped and supported and that our tenants can access a good standard of private rental accommodation.  At East Devon District Council we hold expertise in Planning, Housing Benefit, Environmental Health and Council Tax legislation.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your tenancy related issues.

Do you know about the changes for Energy Performance Certificates?

As of 1st April 2018 there will be a requirement for any private rented sector property to have a minimum energy performance rating of E on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Please visit for more information.