From April - July, we have been only able to provide a skeleton service to tenants and residents, focusing on emergency and essential services such as homelessness and rough sleeping, our home safeguard service for sheltered tenants, and emergency housing repairs.

We are now looking to resume a full service across Housing and have prepared a recovery plan to achieve this. 

A Green Recovery

As part of East Devon's commitment to respond to the climate emergency we are seeking to achieve a green recovery of services. What this means is that, as we work towards resuming a full service, we will do so with the environment in mind, taking the opportunity to become a greener, more sustainable council in the future.

Housing Recovery Plan

We are adopting a 3 stage recovery plan. Each stage is summarised below to give an indication of what activities will be undertaken through each stage. It should be noted that these activities will be gradually implemented over time and may not start immediately. 

We are currently in Stage 2.

For more information on specific areas of the housing service, please visit our Housing Coronavirus update pages.

Please note that we will be adhering to social distancing guidelines and using PPE where appropriate; the safety of both residents and staff is of utmost importance to us.

Offices are currently closed.

Please contact us by telephone or email only

Stage 1

Homelessness Services

  • Phone and email appointments only
  • Welfare checks by phone only
  • Rough sleeper outreach work continues as normal

Housing Services

  • Home Safeguard operating as normal
  • Fire safety assessments operating as normal
  • Visits to tenants only taking place in exceptional circumstances
  • Tenant consultation through digital means only

Housing Allocations

  • Devon Home Choice operating as normal
  • Applications by phone and email only
  • New tenancy sign ups completed at property
  • Work on mutual exchanges agreed pre-lockdown restarts

Property and Assets

  • Emergency and Essential repairs operating as normal
  • Void works continue as normal
  • Gas servicing and Fire safety work continues as normal
  • Clearing backlog of standard repairs put on hold during lockdown
  • New day to day repair orders taken, but external and non-urgent repairs put on hold until capacity allows us to complete them.
  • Existing planned works contracts remobilised and continued
  • Compliance work remobilised and carried out

Stage 2

Homelessness Services

  • Phone appointments remain standard
  • Phased return to home visits

Housing Services

  • Mobile Support Officers to trial door step visits to sheltered housing (not flats)
  • Trial visits in community centres for sheltered housing (flats)
  • Service and maintenance of alarm equipment in sheltered properties to restart as normal via Chubb

Housing Allocations

  • Phone appointments remain standard
  • Phased return to home visits for urgent cases
  • New Mutual exchanges start

Property and Assets

  • External and communal repairs recommence
  • Planned works commence on site
  • External painting contract begins
  • Right to buy restarts
  • all other operations as normal

Stage 3

  • Normal operations across the Housing Service dependent on government guidance.
  • Any remaining backlogs in work built up as a result of lockdown will be prioritised, including non-urgent works to households subject to shielding.