Section 10A (2) Mobile Homes Act 2013

This sets out the Council’s adopted charging scheme for the administration of functions under the Mobile Homes Act 2013 in relation to:

Annual Licence Fee

New site licenses, transfers and amendments

Registering site licence rules


1.     Effective date and charging date

This policy will come into effect on 1 May 2015


Fee structure methodology

The fee scales are calculated on the basis of the time taken in inspecting the site and relevant administration multiplied by the (aggregated) officer’s hourly rates plus an assumed average amount for mileage.  Sites are banded from 1 – 5 (although there is a 6th category but we do not have any sites with this number of pitches at present), according to their size in terms of the number of pitches.  The method outlined recognises that larger sites are more complex and take more time in terms of site inspections than smaller sites. Larger sites (Category 6) will be considered on a case by case basis.


Band                      Number of pitches

1                              1 – 5

2                              6 - 10

3                              11 – 40

4                              41 – 99

5                              100 – 199

6                              200+


2.     Annual Licence fee

The proposed annual licence fee has been calculated as described above.  The effect of using this formula is to establish transparent and fair licence fees for sites in the district.  


3.     Exclusion from annual charge for sites less than 5 pitches

The method used for calculating fees means that residents on very small sites would have a disproportionate large pitch fee.  The Council, in setting this fee policy, can exempt certain types or categories of sites from licence fees and it has been decided that the fee policy should exempt from the annual licence fee those sites that have 5 or less (Band 1) pitches.  Sites such as this are likely to require little council involvement beyond issuing the licence in the first instance.  For the avoidance of doubt the waiver for these sites had not been redistributed amongst the other larger sites.  Neither is there an exemption for the first 5 pitches on larger sites.  These sites will still be required to apply annually however there will be no fee attached.


4.     New site licence, transfer and amendments

These fees are applicable if a site owner wishes to apply for a new licence or transfers or amends a site licence.  The charge for these functions cannot be passed on by the site owner to the site residents.


5.     Checking and registering site rules

A fee is applicable for the checking and registering of site rules.  The charge for this function cannot be passed on by the site owner to the site residents.


6.     Revision of fee policy

The fee policy will be kept under review and amendments will be published when any revisions are made.


7.     Dealing with surpluses and deficits

The schedule of fees has been designed to pass on the costs incurred in carrying out the licensing function.  In the first year of operation the council has made what it believes to be a realistic assessment of the time and cost involved in carrying out the activities.  Each year the council will assess its previous costs to see whether they were accurate.  Where a deficit appears because expenditure was more than anticipated the shortfall will be reflected in the fee charged to the site owner in the next year.  Similarly where a surplus is made the fee for the following year will be reduced by that amount.


8.    Fees schedule

A.     Annual Site Licence Fee and New Site Licence Fees

Pitch numbers

1- 5   Exempt for annual site licence fee/ for New Site Licence Fee £165.20

6 -10   EDDC time approx  5 hours   £29.44/hour + £18 (travel) - £165.20

11-40  EDDC time approx 8 hours £29.44/hour + £18 (travel) - £253.52

41-99  EDDC time approx 13 hours £29.44/hour + £18 (travel) - £418.72

100 -199  EDDC time approx 20 hours £29.44/hour + £18 (travel) - £633.80


B.    Register of rules and checking rules

Pitch numbers

1-5                          £85.96

6 -10                       £85.96

11-40                     £90.67

41-99                     £95.68

100 -199               £100.68


C.    Amended Site Licence

Pitch numbers

1- 5                         £151.19

6 -10                       £151.19

11- 40                    £165.91

41-99                     £195.35

100 -199                £222.44


D.    Transfer of site licence

Pitch numbers

1-5                          £93.32

6-10                        £93.32

11-40                     £93.32

41-99                     £93.32

100 -199               £93.32