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1. Disabled facilities grants

We provide disabled facilities grants to adapt homes for people who are or could be, registered disabled and who, without the adaptation, would be unable to live safely and conveniently in their home.

You can apply for a disabled facilities grant if you own your home, rent from a private landlord or housing association or live with family.

Before you are able to complete an application form for a disabled facilities grant you must contact Care Direct at Devon County Council on 0345 1551 007 to arrange for an occupational therapist to visit.

The occupational therapist will assess your needs for an adaptation and if a disabled facilities grant is recommended they will send us  a referral.  Disabled facilities grants are means tested with the exception of cases where the works are for the benefit of a child (up to 16 years old) or a young person who is under 19 years and is in full time education (youth training or special types of education are excluded from this definition).

Typical disabled facilities grant works include:

  • Installing stair lifts
  • Replacing a bath with a level access shower
  • Widening doorways
  • Providing ramps

Grants are approved on the cost of the eligible works up to a maximum of £30,000. 

Find out more  information about these grants.

Apply for a Council Tax Disabled Facilities Discount

We also have a new web form called Apply for a Council Tax Disabled Facilities discount please go to this page for more information and to apply for this discount to your Council Tax bill.

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations such as handrails and grab rails and specialist equipment is provided by Devon County Council. For further information please contact Care Direct on 0345 1551 007.

Housing Assistance Data

In order to help facilitate public access to statistics on housing assistance work we carry out, we have prepared a series of analytical data tables that cover most aspects of the typical queries we receive. This data includes Disabled Facilities Grants and other types of adaptation, broken down by year and quarter since 2018. It can be accessed here.

If the information is not contained in these tables we either; don’t record it, can’t release it due to data protection legislation or don’t hold it in suitable format. For further information regarding Freedom of Information, please contact