Policy HECA Future Report 2013 - 2015

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3. Measures we propose to cost effectively deliver energy efficiency improvements in residential accommodation by using area based/street by street roll out

The Governments Green Deal and ECO Impact Assessment suggest that over 70% of measures installed will be ECO funded. The Council therefore considers that ECO providers will be strongly motivated to identify ECO eligible households and that this may naturally lead to focused deliver of energy efficiency in particular localities.

  • Assist ECO providers
  • identify eligible homes in the District in 2013/14

The Council is part of the steering group for the Energy Savings Trust feasibility study ‘Ready for Retrofit’ and will engage at a suitable level with the roll out of this project.

Energy Companies are beginning to enter into discussions with the Council particularly regarding the ECO schemes for Fuel Poverty and Affordable Warmth.

The Council will engage with other Council’s in Devon and the South West to develop cost effective delivery of energy efficiency improvements potentially through an ECO partnership with other local authorities and an ECO/Green Deal Provider(s). The Council’s emphasis will be to ensure that solutions are directed to the most deprived and vulnerable households.