People often think of homeless people as those sleeping rough on the streets.

However, this group of people form a relatively small proportion of all homeless households. Many homeless households are 'hidden' as they may have access to some form of shelter, some of the time but lack a stable, long term, settled home.

For others, there are frequent moves from one temporary accommodation or shelter to another (for example, emergency accommodation, refuges, friend’s homes, ‘sofa surfing’) – people with no settled home.

Our homelessness and rough sleeper strategy addresses these issues, looks at the current homelessness situation in East Devon and the steps we are taking to address these.  It outlines the role of our housing options and advice service and lists key objectives and outcomes.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the full strategy.

We are currently reviewing our strategy and will shortly be consulting on our new strategy for 2024-2028. Our review document sets out how we have performed over the last four years.