Policy Housing Strategy

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4. Meeting our priorities - providing homes

We will work towards having no homeless individuals or households by:

  • continuing to provide a wide range of housing options which are accessible to all
  • maintaining our commitment to end rough sleeping
  • addressing  the wider causes and impact of homelessness
  • providing help in finding rented accommodation in the private sector
  • providing help to maintain tenancies or move to more appropriate housing
  • providing permanent and accessible housing advice services in Exmouth and Honiton 

We will work to make sure that our system for bidding for housing, Devon Home Choice, is constantly reviewed and updated

  • the Devon Home Choice Management Board and the Operational Group meet bi-monthly and consist of representatives of all the social housing landlords that are signed up to Devon Home Choice
  • there is now a mobile phone app for Devon Home Choice which alerts applicants if a suitable property becomes available
  • we will activate and band all new applications well within the recommended time as set out within the Devon Home Choice Policy
  • we will promote Devon Home Choice as the go to place for affordable housing
  • we will support and assist individuals to complete their Devon Home Choice applications 

We are setting up a new housing company to expand our offer of housing into a range of tenures

  • The new local housing company, wholly owned by the council, will play a significant role in the local housing market and increase housing supply to meet the demand for good quality housing.  Other key priorities for the new company will be to improve the quality of rented accommodation across the district, provide housing for sale and shared ownership, and setting standards for good housing design and management in the local housing market. 

We will work with local communities especially in rural areas to provide more community led affordable housing

  • use the community housing fund to provide 20-30 new community led housing dwellings across the district by 2020
  • work with the Rural Housing Enablers to promote affordable housing in rural areas 

We will continue to use right to buy receipts and Housing Revenue Account reserves to purchase ex-council and other similar properties to add to our existing council stock

  • we aim to add approximately 20 homes per year each year to 2020
  • we will consider providing alternative forms of accommodation, such as shared houses, where appropriate
  • we will work in partnership with other providers to consider alternative forms of construction to deliver more affordable housing 

We will work in partnership with our colleagues and other organisations

  • with registered providers and developers to develop a range of sites in the district to deliver more affordable housing
  • with our planning department to ensure policy compliant levels of affordable housing are provided and that the affordable dwellings meet the identified need in the district
  • with other organisations working to tackle homelessness
  • with other organisations to look at alternative tenures as proposed by Government (such as rent to buy and starter homes) and consider ways we can assess the need for these dwellings. This will enable us to make informed decisions on their inclusion in new developments