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Policy Resident Involvement Strategy 2013

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2. Resident involvement documents

Getting involved with the housing service leaflet:

This leaflet gives a summary of the methods of involvement. Similar information is contained in the tenant handbook, given to all new tenants, and on our website.

Tenant and Council Partnership Statement:

Our Tenant and Council Partnership Statement  reinforces how important we consider it to involve tenants in all levels of our service.  This statement was signed by the head of housing, the chair of the Housing Review Board and the tenant vice-chair of the Tenant Representative Group.

Annual Report:

In October each year we produce an Annual Report to Tenants which explains what we have done during the previous financial year, and what further developments we plan to do. 

It gives information about how we let our properties, how we make sure they are well looked after, and how we tackle antisocial behaviour.  It also tells tenants about how they can be involved in our services, and about improvements we have made as a result of their involvement. 

It tells tenants about how well we are performing as a housing provider and how we are meeting the ‘local standards’.  These are agreements for level of service that we have drawn up with tenants, in a number of ways, covering a number of aspects of our service.

Housing Matters Newsletter:

We have amalgamated the tenant newsletter, Partnership News, with the housing newsletter, Housing Standard, and have produced one joint magazine called Housing Matters. The fact that we are jointly producing one newsletter from both tenant s and officers reinforces how much we are now working together. The editorial board is made up of three to four tenants and two or three members of staff.

Our magazine ‘Housing Matters’ contains information about the housing service, what’s on locally, information from other tenants, competitions, as well as a question and answer section.

Homes and Communities Plan 2012-2016:

This document replaces our previous Housing Strategy. The plan sets out how we will deliver effective housing and community services taking into account recent changes in legislation and the current financial difficulties being faced by many individuals and organisations.

The plan contains ten key aims and one of these is to ‘support the improvement and regeneration of local communities by encouraging social inclusion, involving children and young people in housing issues, and enabling residents to actively participate in their communities’.

We will enable residents to actively participate in their communities and involve young people in housing issues.