This is a commitment between us, tenants, leaseholders and staff. It sets out how we will help tenants to get involved in influencing and shaping decisions taken to deliver a housing service which meets the needs and priorities of tenants.

These are the key commitments that we will jointly deliver to enable tenants to be involved in the decision making processes related to council housing.

Together we will:

  • provide a housing service that actively works for continuous improvement in quality and value for money
  • give tenants a voice in the decisions which affect their homes
  •  identify priorities based on tenant’s requirements
  • know what standards tenants want – 'local standards’
  • give tenants an opportunity to challenge and ask questions about how the housing service is operated
  • support existing and new tenant groups and encourage engagement and participation
  • support tenants to carry out scrutiny of housing services;
  • provide ongoing and joint training for tenants, staff and councillors