A key safe is a secure box fitted outside your home where a set of keys to your home can be stored. These keys can be used by carers or the emergency services. The key safe is opened using an individual access code. 

The majority of our council-owned sheltered accommodation properties have key safes. We recommend that all our customers have a key safe fitted and we can arrange this for you.

We will store the number to your key safe securely on our system so that if someone needs to get to you quickly in an emergency they will not have to break-in. This may be someone from one of the emergency services, one of our mobile support officers (MSOs) or one of your relatives or local contacts. We will only tell someone the number in an emergency.

Please remember: if you have a key safe fitted don't use any bolts, door chains or leave a key in the inside of the lock because your contacts or the emergency services will not be able to get in and may have to force entry.

You should let your insurance company if you have a key safe fitted.  If you have any problems getting home contents insurance because you have a key safe please contact us.  Our low-cost tenants home contents insurance scheme covers properties with key safes.


  • Tell us if you have changed the key safe number
  • Don’t use bolts or door chains, or leave a key in the inside lock
  • Let your insurance company know if you have a key safe at the property