Our mobile support officers (MSOs) can give you support and advice, at a level that meets your individual need. Their primary role is to help you to maintain or develop independence within the community. They will find out about your support needs and help you to remain in your own home, if that is your choice. They will work with other agencies and arrange for further help to come to your home if you need it. The exact nature of the support offered by the MSOs depends on your own individual needs.

The support MSOs can provide focuses on seven key areas:   

They will:

  • contact you or visit you according to your level of need
  • respond to emergencies during working hours if they are in the area
  • help you with any of the service areas listed above

They won't:

  • handle your money, pay your bills or act as power of attorney
  • help you with personal hygiene or give you nursing care
  • do your shopping, collect prescriptions or dispense medication
  • do any housework or cook meals

However, with each of these areas they will liaise with services that can help you.