Don’t suffer in silence - tell us if you feel you may be being mistreated

We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness, regardless of their race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion or belief, or political beliefs.

Abuse can occur in many forms.  We are committed to dealing with all forms of abuse towards the elderly or vulnerable. We have a policy on safeguarding vulnerable adults.

There are generally six areas of abuse of vulnerable adults:


Someone obtaining money from you when you haven’t given permission


Someone striking you, pushing you around or physically hurting you in some way


Someone withholding affection, verbal abuse, bullying or demeaning you


Someone subjecting you to inappropriate sexual intimacy


Someone not taking care of your personal needs


The practices of organisations that care for you may result in you being treated inappropriately

People can mistreat, harm or distress others for a number of reasons, often unintentionally. These people may include a family member, a friend, a neighbour, a paid carer, a health carer, professional or member of our staff or a work colleague.

If you have any concerns please speak to one of the mobile support officers (MSOs). You will be supported by our staff to deal with any abuse you are experiencing.  We will always respect your rights and wishes; however, professional protocol means that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed where someone is thought to be a serious threat to self or others, or admits to serious criminal activity.

If one of our staff suspects abuse towards a resident it is their duty to report this. The report will include observations, dates, times and supporting information. The report will be given to the Home Safeguard manager. Depending on how serious the issue is we may involve other agencies such as social services or the police.