Guide Fire safety - a matter of life or death

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2. Your responsibilities under your tenancy agreement

Fire safety is the responsibility of us all. 

We have a legal duty to make sure escape routes are safe and under the terms of your tenancy agreement you share this responsibility.

Clause 4.5.4 of the revised tenancy agreement effective 1 January 2016 states: ‘You must not keep, store, or fail to dispose of any items within the property in such a way that they may cause a health and safety risk, a fire hazard, or block access or escape routes for anyone living in or visiting the property, or prevent the use of a room as a living space.’

You must not hoard items in your property as these are a potential fire hazard. 

You must make sure all communal areas are kept clear of all items at all times. 

You must not store items in communal areas, on landings or under stairwells.