These are carried out monthly by estate management officers. Local police, councillors and a member of the tenant's panel are also invited

On our visit, we will call at all of the council owned properties.  We  ask residents if they have any issues or concerns regarding the area where they live, including anti social behaviour. Also, if there are any issues with the property or anything at all they wish to report to us.

We will also note the condition of the garden, and if we are invited in, we will observe the condition of the property.  If we feel there is an issue with the property and not invited in, we will arrange a more convenient time to visit.

We will carry out an audit on who is living in the property and ask to see ID's of the tenant(s) listed on the tenancy agreement.

We also take note of the surrounding area, for abandoned cars, broken fences, overgrown communal areas.

All issues are then brought back to the office and what is not an estate management issue, will be passed to the appropriate people.

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Summersby Close


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Event aimed at adults .

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