We take fire safety very seriously and are investing time and money to make sure our tenants and leaseholders in blocks of flats have maximum protection.

You must keep stairs, hallways and communal areas clear at all times to keep a clear escape route in case of fire. You must not store items in communal areas. This includes mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are not permitted in any of our lifts.

You must keep all communal areas clean and clear from any obstructions. Do not litter or allow any pets to foul these areas.

We provide a top up cleaning service to clean communal areas once a week. This includes sweeping and mopping hallways, stairs and landings, wiping window sills and banisters and removing cobwebs. We clean windows in communal areas once every three months.

We maintain the grounds around your block of flats.  This includes grass cutting, and maintenance of shrubs, hedges and trees.  We don't collect grass cutting on housing land.

For any queries about communal areas, cleaning or grounds maintenance please contact our repairs team.