Rent for most of our leasehold properties is £10 per year and is usually payable on the 1 April.

Under the terms of your lease you are required to pay us an annual service charge. This charge varies according to where you live and the actual service provided to you. Each year you will be sent a service charge bill, together with a statement showing details of the charges you have to pay for.

Service charges might include costs for:

  • gas and electrical safety checks for communal boilers
  • repairs and maintenance to the building
  • cleaning of communal areas and maintaining communal grounds and garden areas
  • electricity for communal areas, lifts and door entry systems
  • gas for any communal boilers
  • insurance of the building
  • administration costs to cover managing our leasehold properties

There may be other charges as well.  

For more details about the rent and service charges please see your leaseholder handbook.