You need to make sure that everyone living with you in the property leaves when you move out. This includes any member of your household or a lodger, sub-tenant, child, visitor or pet.

The property must be left in a clean condition, clear of all rubbish and free of your furniture and possessions. You must leave all fixtures and fittings intact and in the condition they were in at the start of the tenancy, except for fair wear and tear.

We will take steps to recover from you any reasonable costs we incur in:

  • replacing or repairing any missing or damaged items
  • replacing or repairing any alterations which do not comply with relevant regulations
  • replacing or repairing any alterations for which we did not give our written consent
  • meeting all reasonable removal and storage charges when items are left in the premises after the termination date.

We may remove and store any items left in the premises after the termination date for a maximum of 28 days. We will notify you of this at your last known address. If the items are not collected within three months we will dispose of them and you will be liable for our reasonable costs of disposal.