If you wish to give up your tenancy you must give us four weeks written notice, ending on a Sunday. Only a named tenant can end the tenancy or, in the event of the death of a tenant, the next of kin or executor.

To give us notice please write to or ring the housing needs team. They may ask you to complete a termination of tenancy form.

The four week notice period will start on the Monday following the date we receive your written notice.

If you go to court because of a divorce, a domestic dispute, or a relationship breakdown, the court will decide whether to order the transfer of the tenancy to one or other of the partners. The tenancy will end for the other person who must leave the property.

If you are ending a tenancy on behalf of a tenant please select either of the following

Termination of tenancy Notice from   Next of Kin Tenant deceased

Termination of tenancy Notice from  Next of kin Tenant not deceased

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