Guide Day-to-day repairs

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2. How to report a repair

During working hours you can report a repair by contacting us on 01395 517458.

Outside of work hours, if you have a real emergency repair (such as a burst pipe or no electricity) you can report these by ringing our Home Safeguard team on 0330 678 2382.

Only true emergencies will be dealt with outside working hours and all other repair issues will be passed to our repairs team at the start of the next working day.  (For calls outside normal working hours our contractors will 'make safe' until the next working day when the full repair will be carried out.)

When you report a repair you will be asked for:

  • your name
  • your address
  • a daytime telephone number
  • as many details as you can about the repair
  • times it is convenient for workmen to call