In the last few years there have been incidents where a large volume of near boiling water poured through bedroom ceilings on to people sleeping below.  The following information is provided to advise you of the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring in your home.

It is very rare that such an incidence occurs but it does give a potentially serious risk of scalding from a domestic hot water system.  The systems which may be involved have a fixed electric (or part electric) immersion heaters or solid fuel together with a plastic cold water storage tank located in the roof space.

There are a number of warning signs you should look out for which may indicate that there is a potential problem.

  • An unexpected rise in the temperature of the hot water coming from the hot water taps
  • Warm or hot water coming out of the cold taps
  • Unusual noises, bubbling or banging coming from your hot water system

If any of these occur immediately switch off your immersion heater (the switch should be located near the hot water cylinder either in the airing cupboard or just outside) and report the fault to us straight away.

Call our Housing Repairs team on 01395 517458 during office hours or our out of hours team on 0330 678 2382 between 5.00pm and 8.30am.