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3. Individual Garden Maintenance Scheme

The individual garden maintenance scheme is a service that we offer to tenants of East Devon District Council, who are unable to maintain their own gardens due to disability or ill health. Applicants must meet the qualifying criteria for acceptance and should be aware that there is a small annual charge for this service. Please note, you will not qualify for the scheme if you share your home with someone who is capable of helping you maintain your garden.

For more information please read our Individual Garden Maintenance Scheme booklet. For an application form, please call 01395 516551 ext. 2733.

What is the Individual Garden Maintenance Scheme

For a small annual charge, you will receive during the spring and summer months.

  • Between 5 and 10 grass cuts per year, during the spring and summer months. However, this service is weather dependant, so you could receive more or less than the number of cuts quoted.
  • Hedge trimming – We start cutting hedges in around late July. We  adopt this policy, as it helps us from disturbing any nesting birds.
  • Basic shrub maintenance (this does not include large shrubs, trees or rose bushes).

Please note, that due to administration costs, the payment is 'one off', non-refundable and there are no concessions.

What we don't offer under the scheme

  • Collect grass cuttings, fallen leaves or fruit. However, we do use mechanical blowers to remove freshly cut grass from roads and footpaths.
  • Carry out topiary hedge work, tree maintenance or lawn edging.
  • Remove litter, household rubbish or dumped items.
  • Work where there is dog or animal mess.
  • Tend, weed or maintain flower beds, vegetable plots or hanging baskets.
  • Work in unsafe gardens, where dumped, stored or discarded items could cause harm or injury to our gardening staff.
  • Carry out landscaping or other garden renovation work.
  • Administer weed killer or other chemicals.
  • Make additional visits or undertake work outside of the set schedule.