Rubbish, graffiti and untaxed vehicles: 

Please report these issues to our estate management officers. 

Problems with neighbours:  

Neighbour nuisance or disputes are initially best sorted out by speaking to your neighbour and having consideration for each other. If problems continue please speak to our estate management team who will investigate the situation and advise you of what action can be taken. You may be asked to complete a log giving dates and times of nuisance, which could be used in any future legal proceedings.

Loud music and other amplified noise outside of normal office hours:

 You may wish to contact our out of hours service on 0330 678 2382. All complaints will be logged for action on the next working day and in some cases an environmental health officer may also be able to respond on the night.

Barking dogs and behaviour of pets:  

Nuisance caused by pets such as constantly barking dogs and birds that create a noise are most easily sorted out by talking to the owner. However, if you are uncomfortable doing this because you think the dog may be aggressive please contact the estate management team who will investigate the situation.