Guide Rent arrears and Debt Advice

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3. Former tenants

If you have terminated a council tenancy and left some rent arrears at the end of that tenancy we will take the necessary steps to recover this debt.

We can apply to the county court for a Money Judgement on the debt and the court will set terms for repayment. A County Court Judgement will affect your credit rating and you will find it difficult to obtain credit, for things like loans and credit cards.

We can apply to the county court for an Attachment of Earnings Order. The court will order your employer to make deductions from your earnings to pay the outstanding rent debt.

We also use the services of a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding debt. They are vigorous and have been very successful at recovering the debt.

It is in your own interest to make an arrangement to pay the debt outstanding rather than have action taken against you. If you subsequently apply for housing with any other council or other registered housing provider (for example, a housing association) any rent outstanding from a previous tenancy may affect your application for housing.

If you are in debt and struggling to pay your rent arrears please contact us. We will discuss your problem in confidence. We can give advice and assistance to prevent and resolve rent arrears.