Unlawful sub-letting:  

Where a tenant lets out the whole of their house or flat. Often they will be charging a higher rent than us and so making a profit for themselves. This is illegal and it's unfair to profit from a property that could be given to someone in greater need.

Wrongly claimed succession:

When a tenant dies there are rules about who can, if anyone, 'take over' or succeed, the tenancy. Wrongly claimed succession is when someone who is not entitled tries to take over the tenancy, for example, by saying they had been living at the address before the tenant died. Or someone may not have applied to succeed to the tenancy but just hope that they can stay on in the property.


Where the tenant doesn't occupy the property as their principal home, they may visit to collect post but do not properly live at the address.

Obtaining housing by deception:

Where a person gets a council home by giving false information in their application, for example, not telling us that they have a council house elsewhere.