We are running a key amnesty for tenancy cheats from 2-31 January 2018.  We want our limited council homes to be lived in by honest people in need of affordable housing.  Tenants who illegally sublet their properties are breaking the law and can face unlimited fines or imprisonment of up to two years.

Are you illegally subletting your council house? 

If so take advantage of our key amnesty and hand back your keys to us between 2 and 31 January 2018.  This is your opportunity to do the right thing.  We will not ask you any questions.  To find out how to give back your keys call us on our 24 hour helpline (01395 571657) or email

The key amnesty is targeted at tenants who:

Illegally sublet – letting out their council home (often at a higher rent than we charge) whilst living elsewhere

Obtaining housing by deception – giving false information, such as financial information or information about who will be living in the property

Wrongly claim succession – for example saying they lived with a deceased tenant when in fact they lived elsewhere

Sell the keys – receiving payment to sell keys to someone else

Tenancy Cheats

From 1 February 2018 we will be actively seeking tenancy cheats, using a variety of data matching tools which use credit reference information.   We will prosecute anyone found to be illegally subletting.

We are determined to make sure that our limited housing stock is occupied legally by honest tenants.

Think someone is committing tenancy fraud?

If you believe that someone is committing tenancy fraud you can provide details at or call our anonymous 24 hour answer service on 01395 517494.