Guide A guide to applying for Gambling Act licences

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7. Section G - what happens next

Once you have sent your completed application with all the necessary documents to the licensing team at East Devon District Council and the notices to the statutory consultees the statutory consultees then have 28 days to make any representations to the licensing authority. You will also have advertised your application (if varying or applying for a new licence) allowing interested parties an opportunity to comment on your application.

Any representations received must relate to one (or more) of the three licensing objectives. The council’s licensing officers can reject any representations that are vexatious frivolous or repetitious.

If representations are received you will be notified of them.  If this is the case the application will have to go to a sub committee hearing where a small group of East Devon District Council Councillors who are members of the Licensing and Enforcement Committee will hear all the facts of the matter and make a decision.

You will be notified of any hearings and given the opportunity to attend in person or send a representative.  This is done by sending you a letter and with it a ‘notice’ telling you of the time and place.  A second notice is enclosed which you must return.  This will be made clear at the time.