Guide A guide to applying for Gambling Act licences

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8. Section H - how to make sure your application progresses smoothly

In any application process there are inevitably forms which need to be completed and a number of supplementary documents which the statutory authority needs to see. The Gambling Act applications can be daunting, particularly with people who are unfamiliar with the system.

To give your application the best chance of success please take the time to ensure that you submit a complete package of information to the licensing team and all the other consultees. If any part of the application is incomplete or a vital document is missing then the application will be held and notice sent out for additional information which will result in the application being rejected if these are not completed and returned. This is both time consuming and frustrating for you and the licensing team.

We and all the other consultees are able to give you a wealth of advice to assist applicants. Their aim is to provide you with help and assistance to ensure that your application is dealt with as expediently as possible.