If you apply for any of the five types of gambling premises licence (or for a provisional statement) you'll need to advertise your application in two ways:

Display of notice

For a period of not less than 28 consecutive days, starting on the day after the day you give the application to us, you must display a notice prominently on the premises where it can be conveniently read from the outside by passers-by. 

If your premises are more than 50 metres square, a further copy or copies of the notice must be displayed every 50 metres along the perimeter of your premises, again where passers-by are able to read them.

Newspaper notice

You are also required to publish a notice containing the same information in a local newspaper circulating in the vicinity of the premises. You will need to ensure that the notice is published at least once during the period of 10 working days starting on the day after the day on which you gave the application to us.

Content of notice

There is a prescribed form of notice which you must use for both the newspaper notice and the notice at the premises. In all cases the notice shall contain:

  • the name and address of the applicant
  • the type of gambling premises licence you are applying for
  • the address of the premises the application relates to  
  • the postal address and, where applicable, the worldwide web address where our register is kept and where and when the record of the application may be inspected
  • the date by which an interested party or responsible authority may make representations to us (within the 28 days from the day  we receive the application)
  • details of who can object
  • that it is an offence under section 342 of the Gambling Act 2005 if a person, without reasonable excuse, gives to a licensing authority for a purpose connected with that Act information which is false or misleading

We have public notices templates that you can obtain by emailing licensing@eastdevon.gov.uk