Guide Guide to small society lotteries

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5. Lottery Tickets

All tickets in a small society lottery must state:

  • the name of the society who is running the lottery
  • the price of the ticket
  • the name and address of the member of the society responsible for the promotion of the lottery
  • the date of the draw, or the means by which the date may be determined

Sale of tickets

  • Lottery tickets must not be sold to anyone in a street. Tickets may be sold by a person in a kiosk or from a shop premises in a street, or from door to door.  
  • Lottery tickets must not be sold to, or by, anyone under the age of 16
  • to minimise the risk of fraud, societies should adopt one or more of the following measures when sending unsolicited mailings of lottery tickets:
    • prohibit the unsolicited mailing of lottery tickets to non members of the promoting society
    • limit the value of tickets sent to any one address which is not a member of the promoting society to £20
    • maintain records of tickets distributed and not returned.