Application and registration

A society must be registered with a licensing authority throughout the period during which the lottery is promoted.  Parts 4 and 5 of Schedule 11 of the Act set out the requirements for registration of small society lotteries.

The society is required to be registered with the licensing authority in the area where their principal office is located.  If the licensing authority considers that the society’s principal office is situated in another area it shall inform the society as soon as possible and also notify the other appropriate licensing authority.

The application must be in the form prescribed by regulations and will need to be accompanied by fee of £40.00.

The licensing authority will record details of the society and keep the details on a register.  Whilst this does not have to be a public register, the Gambling Commission have recommended that licensing authorities make the register available to the public on request.

As soon as the licensing authority has granted the registration, we will notify the applicant and inform the Commission accordingly.

How to apply

If your non-commercial society wants to run a small society lottery you'll need to register this with us.

You'll need to fill in an application form and send this to us. 

You'll need to know:

  • the details of the society applying and whether they are a registered charity
  • if the society has held an operating licence or had an operating licence refused or revoked 
  • contact details for correspondence

Data Protection

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