You’ll need an occasional use notice (OUN) if you want to allow betting on a track for up to eight days a calendar year without a premises licence.

How to apply

If you want to do this you'll need to apply for an occasional use notice.

Displaying your licence

You must display the occasional use notice at your premises where it can be easily seen during all times that the specified activity is taking place.

Police, council officers or gambling inspectors can ask to inspect the notice.

Length of licence

The occasional use notice will only cover the specified activity at the premises during the times and dates stated.


Further information about gambling licences and how to apply is in our guide to applying for premises licences and our statement of licensing policy for gambling.



If you have an issue with a premises that is licensed for gambling then you can tell us about this. Please telephone us or send us an email. 

Public register

You can view details of existing gambling premises licences and a list of current applications on our licensing public register.