You can search and view our online public register to look at applications that have been made and licences issued for:

  • sexual entertainment venues
  • hackney carriages and drivers
  • private hire drivers
  • horse drawn hackney carriages and drivers
  • personal licences
  • premises licences
  • temporary event notices (you’ll need to select Premises Register under the Licensing Act heading on the left of the screen of the public register and search by applicant surname or premises name/address or postcode to view temporary events notices for the premises in question.)
  • licences and permits issued under the Gambling Act
  • small society lotteries

You'll be able to see details about each licence. For example, you can look at the timings and activities authorised by a premises licence for a restaurant or pub in your area. 

If you need information about a licence not on the list above please contact us.

There is some information that we are not able to disclose.