Before applying for a pavement licence please make sure you have read The Government Guidance, our information page about pavement licenses and our schedule of conditions for pavement licences

How to apply

Applications must be made using our online application form, uploading all the necessary documents and paying the £100 fee

Before applying you must have:

  • public liability insurance for a minimum of £5 million
  • contact neighbouring businesses and occupiers prior to applying to the local authority and take any issues around noise and nuisance into consideration as part of the process
  • pay the fee of £100
  • colour photographs, or brochures drawings showing the design, dimension, colour and materials of the tables and chairs you propose to use
  • a map of the business premises, outlined in blue, showing relationship to surrounding area
  • a map of the business premises, outlined in blue with the new area applied for marked in red
  • a map outlining the seating area being applied for

We will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your application
  • send you a Public Notice template which must be fixed to the premises in a visible position. Notice must remain in place for 5 working days, beginning the day after the applications is accepted by the authority.  You will need to send, dated, photographic evidence that the notice is in place.
  • as part of the consultation process with will obtain the necessary permission from Devon County Council Highways department

Due to the volume of applications and queries, the licensing team cannot help you filling in the form.

An existing licence must be renewed at least 4 weeks before it expires.

If you wish to renew an existing licence, issued prior to 23rd July 2020, please contact Devon County Council at quoting your reference number and contact details.