Policy Sex establishment Licensing Policy

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2. Primary considerations

  1. East Devon District Council being the Licensing Authority for the purposes of the Act recognises that it can set a quantity limit in relation to the number of sex establishments in an area but has not chosen to do so based on the specific geographical characteristics and nature of this District.  
  2.  Whilst the council has not imposed a limit on the number of premises that may be licensed in any area, and whilst treating each application upon its own merits, the council will not licence premises in proximity to:
    1. a predominantly residential area;
    2. premises, areas or access routes to such premises or areas which are designed for or attract children or families, such as school, play areas, parks, children’s centres, youth clubs, nurseries or leisure facilities, or any other similar establishment;
    3. a place of public religious worship;
    4. historic buildings and conservation areas, cultural and tourist attractions;
    5. educational establishments;
    6. community facilities and public buildings;
    7. an area with a history of social difficulties;
    8. a gateway to an identifiable locality.