Please read our information about street trading and our street trading policy before applying.

How to apply

There are two different online application forms depending on the type of license you need. You'll need to complete the relevant online Street Trading application form, including all supporting documents, at least 2 months before you wish to trade.

If you're applying for a street trading consent which is solely for your own use and which doesn't form part of a larger market or event then you'll need to complete a general consent application form.

If you're an event organiser and you're making an application for an event where multiple traders attend then you'll need to complete a block consent application form.


There is no fee payable for a street trading consent. You will however need to make sure you have permission of the land owner and they may make a charge for hire of the land.

If the land where you want to trade is owned by East Devon District Council then you'll need to complete a use of EDDC land form and pay any land hire fee due.

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