Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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14. Sidmouth folk week

  1. Due to the established nature of trading on the Esplanade during Sidmouth Folk Week, the normal process for obtaining street trading consent will not apply. Rather it will be the process as detailed on the website and set out in brief below.
  2. All applications will be considered individually and sixty trading pitches will be marked and available on the Esplanade at Sidmouth each year with consents issued in advance of the event. A specific application form will be made available online, or provided upon request, at the beginning of April each year. Information will be available on the council’s website and applicants will be informed when the application process is open to allow applications to be submitted.
  3. Pitches will be allocated on a strictly first come, priority basis and due to high demand each year preference will be given to those applicants booking a trading pitch for the full week. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.
  4. The application process will close and application forms will be removed from the council’s website upon receipt of sixty properly completed applications with the required associated documents required.
  5. The hours of trading are specific and trading must cease within thirty minutes of the expiry of the trading consent hours for each day. The items proposed for sale will be specified within the application and items of food, drink or other consumables will not be permitted.
  6. There will be no consultation in respect of the Sidmouth Folk Week.