Latest Government advice

The Government published the latest transport guidance for operators and passengers in England on 13 May.

The guide for operators will help organisations, agencies and others (such as self-employed transport providers) understand how to provide safer workplaces and services for themselves, their workers and passengers across all modes of private and public transport in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Each transport provider will need to translate the principles and examples in this guidance into specific actions.

The current Covid-19 pandemic and necessary social restrictions has presented a fast changing legislative landscape.  The new legislation and government guidance has required emergency amendments to the Council's hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy.

We are responsible for the regulation of hackney carriage (taxis) and private hire services within the district. 

Following a public consultation during the early half of 2017, when we consulted with a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in taxi licensing, our hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy was adopted by Full Council on the 27 July 2017. 

We're not legally required to adopt a hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy, because it is not a statutory policy, but this is good practice.

The policy sets out our approach to issuing hackney carriage licences, private hire licences and carrying out enforcement and is also intended to:

  • assist the licensing authority in determining licence applications
  • inform and advise applicants
  • inform and advise residents and businesses
  • inform a court at appeal

We keep this policy statement under constant review and if any revisions are made we will publish a statement of these revisions or a revised policy statement.