To drive a taxi you will need a hackney carriage drivers licence and drive a licensed hackney carriage vehicle.

Hackney carriage driver licence

If you want to drive a taxi you will need to apply for a hackney carriage driver licence.

Hackney carriage vehicle licence

If you want to licence a vehicle as a taxi you will need to apply for a hackney carriage vehicle licence.

Renew your licence

You'll need to apply to renew your hackney carriage driver's licence before it expires.  We try to remind licence holders when their licence is due to expire but it is the responsibility of each driver to know when their licence expires and renew this in time.  If you don't renew your driver's licence before it expires, you'll need to make a full new application which includes a knowledge test, medical, DBS and driving licence check.

You'll also need to renew your hackney carriage vehicle licence each year and if your vehicle reaches 14 years of age, you'll need to bring this in for an inspection before the licence can be renewed.