The public consultation period to the proposed 10% fare increase for taxis licensed in East Devon has now ended, and the Council has received at least one objection.

On the 8th May 2024, East Devon District Council’s Licensing & Enforcement Committee agreed a new table of maximum fares for taxis licensed by this Council.  The new fare table reflects an increase of approximately 10% to all fare tariffs and extra charges.

When a new table of fares is agreed, the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 requires us to publish details of this in a local newspaper and at our offices, setting out the new table of fares and specifying the period within which objections can be made.

Notice of the Council’s intention to vary the table of fares was published in two local newspapers on the 22nd May 2024 and is also available for inspection at our offices in Exmouth and Honiton.  Members of the public had until midnight on Wednesday 5th June to come forward with any objections.

At least one objection to the proposed increase to the table of fares has been received, and not been withdrawn.   

Therefore, the matter inclusive of any objections still standing will be referred to a hearing of the Licensing & Enforcement Committee for consideration.  At this hearing, the Committee will set a further date, no later than the 6th August 2024, when the varied table of fares will come into force either with or without modifications.

If objections that have been received are withdrawn before the hearing, the varied table of fares will come into effect on the date the last objection is withdrawn, and the hearing will be cancelled.

Anyone wishing to withdraw their objection must do so in writing either by email at or write to us at East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Honiton, Devon, EX14 1EJ.

We’ll be providing regular updates on this webpage so please check back here for any news.  We’ll also be sending an update to all East Devon hackney carriage drivers and proprietors on the 6th June 2024 so please look out for our email.

If you have any queries about the variation to the maximum table of hackney carriage fares you can email us at for further information.