Many opportunities to learn about birds with the Countryside team this year

Throughout the coming year, there are a number of events taking place at Seaton Wetlands to help you learn more about birds.

Events taking place at Seaton Wetlands in January include ‘What’s that bird?’ and bird ringing demonstrations.

‘What’s that bird?’ sessions take place twice a month throughout the year. During these two-hour drop-in sessions a volunteer guide is available in the bird hide to help visitors identify the birds they see. There are also binoculars available to borrow, free of charge. ‘What’s that bird?’ will take place from 11am to 1pm on Thursday 18 January in the Island Hide, and Saturday 3 February in the Tower Hide (the Tower Hide is accessed via steps).

The site is used for a public bird ringing displays by the Axe Estuary Ringing Group once a month. The ringing group catch and ring birds to gather information on the survival, productivity and movements of birds and this information helps to reveal how and why populations are changing.

Public bird ringing displays offer the chance to learn more about ringing and a rare opportunity to see birds up close. During bird ringing sessions, the Discovery Hut at Seaton Wetlands is open for refreshments. The next drop-in public event takes place on Monday 5 February from 9am to 12noon at the Discovery Hut.

James Chubb, Countryside team leader (sites), said:

Seaton Wetlands is home to an amazing array of birds including birds of prey, waders and garden birds. Events such as ‘What’s that bird?’ and ringing demonstrations offer the public the chance to develop their knowledge and enjoyment of the site. It is great to see experienced guides inspiring young people and interested amateurs learn more about the birds at the wetlands.

Seaton Wetlands nature reserve is owned and managed by the East Devon District Council Countryside team. The site, which is accessible through Seaton Cemetery on the Seaton to Colyford Road, includes four bird hides and nearly 4km of accessible board walk. There is another bird hide and a circular walk around the Borrow Pit pond closer to Seaton, accessible through Hillymead. Both sites do not permit dogs.

For more information on Seaton Wetlands and Countryside events visit The Countryside team can be contacted on 01395 517557 or by email at