Changes will make the application process for street trading quicker and more efficient

Following changes to street trading in East Devon last year, the district council has been listening carefully to community groups and others regarding their concerns about the new policy.

The council introduced the policy after extensive consultation with the aim of encouraging new local business activity and add to the vitality and footfall of its coastal and market towns. The new regime means that street trading can now be carried out in areas of the district where it was previously illegal.

Since the introduction of the new system last October, people have commented that it can be confusing and inflexible.

So the council is now to review the street trading policy with a view to removing the street trading application fee charge entirely, giving clearer guidance on the activities that do and don’t require consent, a less detailed application form with less supporting information required and a more streamlined procedure for processing the application.

Cllr Steve Hall, the chairman of the licensing and enforcement committee, said:

Having listened to our customers, the council has identified the need to make refinements to ensure that it delivers in the way which was intended. The changes that are going to be brought forward will ensure that a quick and efficient process is in place for those applying for consent.

The council will continue to retain the control of our streets to ensure that the trading regime results in a quality offering within the district, and hopefully, an improvement to the economy over time.

The changes are expected to be reported to a meeting of the council’s licensing and enforcement committee in the next few weeks.