A trench will be dug around the tree to help it form a root ball

Preparations for moving the Gingko tree to a site lower down in Knowle's gardens are due to begin

As promised, PegasusLife will begin the process of moving the Gingko tree from the lawn in front of Knowle to an area lower down in the gardens and will shortly start the necessary preparatory works to make this happen.

An initial ground penetration radar survey to ascertain the location of any existing services or obstructions has already been carried out. It is understood that the preparatory works to the tree, which will be undertaken by a specialist tree moving company, are likely to commence during the week of 9 April and are estimated to take around four to five days to complete.

While the site for the preparatory works will be the lawn area adjacent to the western wing of Knowle in which the Gingko tree is located, we can confirm that the existing path to the side and along the front of the building will remain in public use.

The preparatory work will involve the excavation of a trench with self-supporting sloping sides, around the tree. The size of the trench will depend upon the tree’s root system and soil profile, but typically it will be between 1m to 1.5m deep.

The formation of this trench and the judicial pruning of the roots within will enable the tree to form a root ball over the coming months until relocation, which PegasusLife have advised will be during 2019. This trench will remain open until the tree has been relocated, with the excavation being protected with Heras fencing.