Feniton Neighbourhood Plan will help decide future of village in terms of development and planning applications

Residents of Feniton took the opportunity to vote on the future of the neighbourhood plan for their parish by attending a referendum held on 17 May 2018. Turnout for the event was good, with 493 residents (32.05% of those eligible (1538) to vote) choosing to attend, voting in favour of the plan by 93.71%.

The plan sets out policies for the future of Feniton, a vibrant parish in the centre of East Devon. Once adopted, the Feniton Neighbourhood Plan will be used to help inform future decisions about development and planning applications in the area. 

The neighbourhood plan was created by a steering group made up of members of Feniton Parish Council, local amenity groups and individuals from the wider community. Production commenced in September 2014 with the steering group engaging the local community and wider stakeholders to produce a plan that represents local community ambitions.

Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan tackles a variety of topics, including housing, employment, community facilities, transport, and the built and natural environment. The plan provides local policies and proposals that meet local needs and aspirations and will be used, alongside the East Devon Local Plan, to determine planning applications. 

The question posed at the May referendum, to which voters said yes, was: “Do you want East Devon District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Feniton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Councillor Bruce De Saram, East Devon District Council’s lead councillor for Neighbourhood Planning, said:

“I was very pleased to see how well the Feniton Neighbourhood Plan was supported in the recent referendum. A clear majority vote in favour of the plan illustrates that East Devon residents are responding to the opportunity to shape their own communities. Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan addresses the key issues facing this beautiful part of our district and I would like to thank the members of the Steering Group whose hard work in conjunction with high levels of community engagement achieved such a good result.”

More information about Feniton Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the East Devon website.