East Devon District Council tenants discussing old photographs of the Millwey Camp where they spent their childhoods

Highly successful Millwey Memories Axminster community project comes to an end following a summer of events

East Devon District Council’s immensely successful Millwey Memories community project is coming to an end after five months of activities and events focusing on the history of the old American hospital in Millwey Rise and the lives of the residents who lived there after the Second World War.

The project’s conclusion and its many fantastic achievements is being celebrated by Mobile Support Officers (MSOs) and Community Development Workers (CDWs), who organised the project, as well as residents who took part in it, at Millwey Community Centre on Friday 19 October 2018, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, with photographic displays, a screening of the Lego animations made by MSOs and residents and a 3-D map of the original camp (also made by MSOs and residents). Participants will be raising a glass of fizz and enjoying a delicious buffet as a reward for their hard work.

Axminster MSOs and East Devon Community Development Officers all worked hard over the summer running a series of Millwey Memories events in Millwey Rise. This has involved recording photographs, maps and memories from the original residents of the old American Hospital, known as The Camp. Many residents from Axminster and beyond have been involved with this project, recording their childhood memories of living in what was a unique environment after the end of WWII.

On 19 October all the material that has been collated will be handed over to the Axminster Heritage Centre for them to include in a new temporary exhibition. East Devon is very fortunate that the Millwey Memories community project will be the first exhibition to be held in the Heritage Centre’s new modern extension, currently under construction.

Axminster Rural ward member, Cllr Ian Hall, who has been closely involved with the project, said:

Community support and participation has always been a big part of the rich character of Millwey Rise. Many wonderful memories have been generated by this great project, which is going to be a treasured archive of past generations for the community of the future. 

Cllr Douglas Hull, ward member for Axminster Town, said:

I am fully supportive of this local project, as we want to make a record of Axminster residents’ memories to act as a lasting legacy for future generations.