East Devon and Grenadier sign agreement for watersports centre at Queen’s Drive in Exmouth

East Devon District Council and Grenadier Estates have signed (Friday 15 March 2019) the agreement for the new Watersports Centre at Queen’s Drive on Exmouth seafront.

The centre will include a restaurant, public parking, communal space and a new ramp giving direct access to the beach. Grenadier has agreed a target to complete construction by summer 2020.

East Devon is due to complete the new road and car park at Queen’s Drive by 19 June 2019 and, under the agreement, Grenadier will be required to take on the lease for the site following completion of the road and car park.  

The signing was completed by Richard Cohen, Deputy Chief Executive of East Devon District Council and Peter Quincey, Director of Grenadier Estates. 

Cllr Ian Thomas, Leader of East Devon District Council who was also present at the signing, said:

I am pleased Grenadier Estates and the Council have now completed our agreement on the Watersports Centre and Grenadier is committed to make this seafront transformation happen by the 2020 season. We have made this possible with a new road and car park. The landmark Watersports Centre can now follow. This will be a valuable investment in the future of Exmouth with direct benefit to both the town community and our important tourist market.

Peter Quincey, Director of Grenadier said:

We are delighted to progress with the development of the Watersports Centre as it provides an opportunity to create a significant and long-lasting legacy for the area. We are thrilled that Edge Watersports will be operating the centre, and that Michael Caines will be opening a fantastic new restaurant and café, it’s great to have such well-respected, local businesses on board.