Residents advised to double check

East Devon households will have recently received a Household Enquiry Form from the Electoral Services office at the district council.

This form is used to let the Electoral Services team know who lives at a property and should be registered to vote. If you have returned the form with no changes, you are registered to vote.

However, if you have added any new names of members of your household to the form, it is likely that they are not yet registered to vote.

All people that you have added to the form, will also need to register to vote by either going online at or completing the paper application form that will be delivered to you over the next few weeks. It is quicker to register by going online.

Mark Williams, Electoral Registration Officer at East Devon said:

It’s really important that those people whose names have just been added to the Household Enquiry Form or have moved address recently, register to vote as well. We are sending out paper voter registration application forms to those addresses where new names have been added, so please look out for them in the post, complete them and send them back to us as soon as possible.

The easiest way to get yourself registered is to go online at

If you need further help, contact the Electoral Services team on 01395 571529 or email