S106 sports money will enable five Axminster sports projects to go ahead for the benefit of the local community

Five Axminster sports projects, totalling over £227,000, are to be offered grants after Axminster Town Council and East Devon District Council ask for the community’s ideas.

There is £216,000 of Section 106 sports money available within the parish of Axminster. The funds – Section 106 money - have been collected by East Devon District Council from housing developments in the parish and the council has a clear and ground breaking policy of working with town and parish councils to ensure that the community chooses how the money is spent.

Axminster’s residents, voluntary groups and other organisations were asked by Axminster Town Council and East Devon District Council for their ideas last year on how to spend £216,000 on outdoor sports facilities in the town. The two councils then worked through the list of ten proposals that were received to figure out which ones were eligible, affordable and possible.

This process left them with five proposals:

  • A  new skate park at Cloakham Lawns, they asked for £150,000 towards a £266,000 project. The skate park project now needs to find the other funding.
  • A  fun track of ground graphics for children, project cost of £5,000.
  • LED light fittings, new netball posts and safety gates for the outdoor netball court at Axe Valley Academy that would be open for community use outside of school hours. Project cost: £7,000.
  • A free to use outdoor climbing wall in Axminster. Project cost: £15,000.
  • A new surface on the bowling court at Cloakham Lawns. Project cost: £50,000.

Usually the councils would take all the projects out to the community and get the community to vote on which ones they want to see happen, with the most popular projects being funded. In this case all of these proposals add up to a maximum of £227,000, when there is £216,000 currently available with more money to come in soon. The councils have decided to offer to fund all the projects as there will soon be enough money available to pay for them. It’s now up to the project proposers and other relevant organisations to bring the projects to fruition.

Councillor Geoff Jung, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for Environment said:

Since 2008, we’ve worked closely with parish and town councils and the local community to decide how Section 106 funding is spent on sport and play. It’s great that in this case we can afford to fund all of the eligible, possible and affordable ideas that came from Axminster’s residents and groups, those that came forward with these proposals really have made a difference and will be able to make their ideas happen!

The Mayor of Axminster, Cllr Anni Young, said:

Axminster Town Council is extremely happy to find that it is possible to fund the remaining proposals.

All of the five projects are deserving of the grant and will serve to provide varied and valuable amenities either by adding a new asset to the town in the case of the fun tract, climbing wall and the skate park or supporting an existing enterprise such as the Bowls Club and netball. These five projects will offer new opportunities to the residents of Axminster.