Create your patch for nature in many different ways, including bird boxes, bug hotels, bird feeders and wild flower planting. [L-R]: Jan Gannaway (Exmouth Wildlife Group [EWG]), Tim Dafforn (East Devon District Council [EDDC]), Cllr Geoff Jung (EDDC), Cllr Megan Armstrong (EDDC), Cllr Eileen Wragg (EDDC), Cllr Brenda Taylor (EDDC), Cllr Nick Hookway (EDDC), Heath Nickels (EWG), Cllr Bruce De Saram (EDDC), Glyn Sexton (Volunteer), Debs Ryland (EDDC).

It’s no secret that nature is facing threats. Habitat loss is one of the reasons for declining species numbers. East Devon District Council’s Wild Exmouth team are working with the local community to increase space for nature, creating new homes for insects, birds and wildlife.

The Heritage Fund and local councils have funded My Patch for Nature in Exmouth, to help local people to make a change for nature in their gardens, allotments, or even window boxes.

From creating access for hedgehogs to building a bee mansion, making a pond for frogs and newts to planting a window box with wildflowers or placing a bird feeder on your patio, we can all make a small contribution to making space for nature.

Our gardens, window boxes, bird tables and allotments all provide important habitat for nature and, by linking these up, you can help to turn Exmouth into one massive nature reserve.

To get involved and claim your seeds or view progress on the map, visit our webpage at

Councillor Geoff Jung, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for the environment, said:

This is a fantastic opportunity for local people to make a genuine difference for wildlife. By pledging a space, no matter how small, we can all come together to help nature.

As part of ‘My Patch for Nature’ campaign, we will send out wildflower seeds to people who register, creating space for wildlife across Exmouth.

We are mapping your pledges and locations to create a network of outdoor spaces and demonstrate Exmouth’s commitment to being a wilder, greener town.

Councillor Michael Rosser, Wild Exmouth lead from Exmouth Town Council, said:

Local people can make a real difference to nature in the town and I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If a quarter of Exmouth households make a pledge of even a small space of half a square metre or less, we will be able to fulfil our vision for 2000 square meters pledged for nature.